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Join us for our Spring Symposium that is scheduled to take place on April 5, 2022, at 6P.M. For more information on the topic of discussion, agenda, and panelists, please click on the Symposium tab at the top of this page.

Executive Board
Editor-In-Chief: Parker “Imani” Payne
Managing Editor: Rebecca Guay
Assistant Managing Editor: Katherine Simon
Recent Developments Editor: Marianne Smith
Comments Editor: Robert Taylor
Articles Editor (2): Erin Winkelmeyer & Craig Snyder
Resource Editor: Alexa Mellis
Alumni & Symposium Editor: 
Manuscript Editor: Markisha Dobson 
Diversity & Inclusion Editor: Loreto Noguera


The award-wining University of Baltimore Law Forum concentrates on developing trends and topics unique to the Maryland legal community.  Founded in 1970,  Law Forum is the oldest journal at the University of Baltimore School of Law. The journal provides practitioners and the larger community with a one-stop location for gaining insight and information on the changes shaping the practice of law in Maryland.  The student-reviewed journal includes articles from students, faculty, as well as Maryland-based attorney’s, judges, and legislators.

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