To Our Readers:

The Editorial Board of the University of Baltimore Law Forum, Volume 47, proudly presents the first issue of the 2016-2017 academic year.  As the University of Baltimore School of Law’s oldest journal, the Law Forum publishes scholarly articles, student comments, and recent developments concerning Maryland.  This issue reflects the Law Forum’s continued commitment to apprising the Maryland legal community, as well as the legal community as a whole, on developments in the law in Maryland.

In this issue, we have the honor of publishing two scholarly articles.  The first scholarly article, co-authored by the Honorable Stuart Berger and Bryant Green, Esq., highlights how Baltimore Law Clubs benefit the legal profession by promoting scholarship and congeniality.  The second scholarly article, authored by Lisa Sparks, Esq., analyzes the inconsistent definitions of “good faith” within Maryland’s Uniform Commercial Code and the consequences of this inconsistency. The student comment, authored by David Bronfein, presents a proposal for a Maryland State Bank that caters to Maryland’s new medical cannabis stakeholders.  Lastly, the recent development pieces, authored by Law Forum staff editors, examine eight interesting cases decided this year by the Court of Appeals of Maryland, and are intended to keep Maryland practitioners and the legal community informed on the status of the law in Maryland.

Production of a scholarly journal is a tremendous undertaking and would not be possible without the substantial contributions of the student editorial board.  I want to thank the entire Law Forum staff for their tireless hard work, patience, and diligence in effort to complete this issue.  I also want to thanks Professor Elizabeth Samuels, faculty advisor to the Law Forum, for her guidance and support.

On behalf of the University of Baltimore Law Forum, we thank the members of the Maryland legal community, our readers, for their continued support and interest in our publication.



David Bronfein, Editor-in-Chief

University of Baltimore Law Forum – Vol. 47, No. 1